Live streaming funerals: Technology helps mourners around the globe grieve together

Streaming funeral services Industry moves with the times Alex Medcalf is no stranger to working with grief — his previous career as a British army soldier involved breaking the news to families that their loved one was a casualty in battle. After spending several years helping his wife’s uncle run a funeral home in Burpengary, north of Brisbane, […]

How Much Does a Cremation Cost in Brisbane?

Mackay Crematorium Funerals in Australia can be quite expensive and while it may not be up there with the cost of weddings, it can certainly put a dent in your pocket. The emotional side of things can double the burden and make the process feel incredibly overwhelming. You will want a funeral tribute to celebrate your loved […]

Why Choose Newhaven Funerals?

children grieving - Newhaven Funerals Brisbane Funeral Directors Losing a loved one is never easy. Families have a lot on their plate during such a tragic event and on top of your grieving you need to start arranging a funeral. Choosing Newhaven the experts in Brisbane funerals takes the stress out of making funeral arrangements, leaving you to focus on overcoming your grief […]

How Children Grieve

How Children Grieve Children of all ages will find the death of a family member hard to deal with and although everyone reacts individually, many children of similar ages react in similar ways. It’s important that parents are there to comfort, reassure and support children through their grieving process. If it seems that you and your child are […]