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If you reside in the Queensland area and need to plan for a funeral but don’t exactly know how to go about it, then Newhaven Funerals is the perfect option for you.

Planning a funeral isn’t an ordinary feat to accomplish; it is a very sensitive issue that requires an immense amount of care and concern. Celebrating someone’s life in a way that the deceased would have liked or preferred is definitely a daunting task. At Newhaven Funerals, you will get superior level of services and a variety of options and ideas to plan a funeral in the way you want to.

Our Ocean Funeral Services Queensland facility is a unique way to plan for funerals where you can scatter ashes of your loved one at sea. Newhaven Funerals on the exquisite location of the Gold Coast can provide all kinds of services and excellent level of care to the family and guests.

Newhaven Funerals’ company director, Phil Connolly, has worked hard to earn the respect and following in the industry that the company enjoys today. It is the fruit of his efforts that we are able to offer a unique experience to people that was previously not possible. According to Phil, “this experience allows people to detach themselves from the day-to-day hustle and bustle and contemplate the simplicity of life.”

What Is a
Scattering of Ashes?

Scattering of ashes or sea scattering is an option that the family of the deceased can avail. It refers to scattering the ashes into the sea. The ashes are collected in an urn or vessel and scattered at a predetermined location in the presence of key members of the family. The perfect urns can be found at our online store. It is a very personal and culturally important ceremony; it is considered a unique opportunity to let the deceased peacefully rest in the vast sea.

You may request light refreshments after the completion of the ceremony, which will be arranged for as per your requirements. We can help you find the best location that suits your liking and preferences and make the ashes scattering ceremony a memorable one for your family and guests.

We understand that this is an emotional experience for the entire family and utmost care is involved while going about the process at every stage by us. During the memorial service, we encourage family members of the deceased to scatter all or some portion of the ashes into the ocean. We can provide flower petals to be disbursed alongside the ashes and also advise the GPS position if requested for a future location. Contact us for further information and to make the right decision.

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When you contact us for sea scattering, we will inform you about all the available options and assist you in determining whether an ocean scattering ceremony is right for you. Our entire focus is on making you comfortable with the arrangement and to celebrate the life of your loved with maximum honesty, respect, and love. This is achieved by ensuring you get the environment that you have visualised for the ceremony. If you want a peaceful, soothing, and close-to-nature environment, we will work hard to ensure that it is provided to you. The ocean is an amazing location for this purpose because the calming sound of the sea and the serene atmosphere helps your soul heal from the loss as you perform the ceremony. It will surely be a beautiful and liberating experience as your loved one will become part of the ecosystem and return to nature, where we all belong. Water is the foundation of all life, and sea scattering will have a therapeutic impact on not just you but everyone attending the ceremony. If you want to learn more about our sea scattering services, simply contact us on 1800 644 524.

Our Fleet

We have several options to suit a variety of needs, from smaller more intimate vessels to larger more comfortable options. We can cater for all groups by utilising many expert skippers. All providers are expected to uphold our high standards of customer service.

25 passengers – inshore
8 passengers – offshore
Marina Mirage
74 Seaworld Drive

30 passengers – inshore
Marina Mirage
74 Seaworld Drive

Vessel SEAWIND 1000XL
20 passengers – inshore
Marina Mirage
74 Seaworld Drive

70 passengers
Marina Mirage
74 Seaworld Drive
*Only available outside of whale watching season.
Price POA

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Our Pricing

2-hour cruise – $1180
3-hour cruise – $1690
4-hour cruise – $2190
6-hour cruise – $2990

Basic catering is provided on all cruises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ocean funerals are a unique and beautiful way to say goodbye to a loved one. They are also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials.

Following cremation of the deceased, their ashes are scattered at sea. This can be done from a boat, pier, or any other location that is accessible to the water.

There are many benefits to arranging an ocean funeral. These include:

  • Providing a final farewell in a special & beautiful setting
  • Allowing the deceased to return to the ocean, which is their natural resting place
  • Reducing the environmental impact of traditional burials

There are no restrictions on who can have an ocean funeral. However, it is important to check with local authorities to ensure that scattering ashes at sea is permitted in the area where you would like to hold the service.