Funeral Plan Vs Funeral Insurance

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The Difference?

You may have seen funeral insurance advertised on TV, deceptively claiming to be a genuine funeral plan. Their advertised funeral insurance works exactly the same as car insurance. Firstly, the risk is assessed as in the case of vehicle insurance, but instead the age and health are assessed. A person aged 25 statistically has longer to live than a mature aged person. Therefore, the premium will be more expensive the older you get.

The Cost of a
Coffee a Day

Most people are not aware that premiums increase along with age, and we’ve received many calls over the years from people who can no longer afford funeral insurance premiums due to increased living expenses. They are always disappointed and dismayed. Sometimes after 20 years of payments, there is no residual cash in their account and no real funeral plan!

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When You Need It

A funeral plan from a genuine funeral director like Newhaven Funerals will have funds available in an audited trust account from the first payment. There is a once off, fixed price paid at today’s cost. You are simply buying a funeral at today’s price to be used sometime in the future. A Newhaven Funerals funeral plan will remain in place and be protected by State Government legislation.

Funeral Plans

Your genuine funeral plan can be transferred to another family member if and when required. You can cancel anytime and be refunded all but a small fee.

Cooling-off Period

You automatically get a cooling-off period of 30 days. If you cancel in the cooling-off period, we must give you a refund. We may keep a $50 cancellation fee, but the remaining balance must be returned. We must do this within 7 days of receiving your notice.

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Much More Than Just
Financial Peace of Mind

Not only will we explain and settle the finances, but we’ll pay particular attention to the finer details including the coffin, flowers, and music. We’ll also record all family details needed to register a death, including mothers and fathers’ names, place of birth, marriage details and children’s names.

You can find out more on what the Queensland Government says about arranging funeral cover here.

Speak to one of our experienced Brisbane, Logan or Gold Coast funeral directors. We’ll guide you through your own funeral plan.