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Memorial Park

Our company-owned crematorium, Eco Memorial Park, offers memorial site facilities in Rockeries, Rose Gardens, Family Gardens, Individual Gardens, Niche Walls, and Sandstone Compendium.

We recommend visiting the Eco Memorial Park gardens to feel the peaceful and serene environment and learn about our new beacon memorial options. The site is a sanctuary for natural flora and fauna. It is an ideal setting, especially for families in South East Queensland, because of its convenient location halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

You can choose our well-maintained Eco Memorial Park to memorialise your loved one and celebrate their legacy in the most respectful way.

To reach the park, take Exit 38 off the M1 (the famous Yatala Pies exit) and take the first left after the Beenleigh Drive in Theatre. It is a truly world-class facility situated near Mt Stapylton.

Frequently Asked Questions

A memorial site is a place of remembrance for a deceased individual. It can be created by the family or friends of the deceased and is often used as a meeting place for mourners to share memories. Memorial sites can be created online or offline and are often used in conjunction with a funeral service.

A memorial site can be located anywhere that was significant to the deceased individual or that the family feels would be a fitting tribute. Common locations for memorial sites include parks, cemeteries, and special places that were meaningful to the deceased.

You will need to find a suitable location and then establish the site. This can be done by erecting a marker or plaque, planting a tree or flower, or scattering the ashes of the deceased.

Yes, you can add photos, flowers, and other personal items to a memorial site. This can be done by the family or friends of the deceased, or by anyone who wishes to pay tribute.