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Embalming Process

Embalming is the process of preserving human remains by treating them to stall the process of decomposition. The intention is to keep them suitable for viewing purposes at a funeral, for religious or cultural reasons (such as home viewings), overseas or interstate repatriation, and vault or mausoleum interments.

The three goals of embalming are

Frequently Asked Questions

Embalming is the process of temporarily preserving a human body by injecting it with chemicals.

There are a few reasons why embalming might be done. One reason is for religious purposes, as some religions require embalming before burial. Embalming can also help prevent the spread of disease and make it easier for families to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Embalming will usually last for several years, although it is not permanent.

There are a few risks associated with embalming. One is that the chemicals used in the process can be harmful if they are not handled properly. Additionally, embalming can mask the true cause of death, which could make it more difficult to diagnose any underlying health conditions.