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Service Arrangements

Traditionally, a memorial service is held after the burial or cremation process has taken place. This service can be held any time even a few days after the burial/funeral or on the death anniversary of the deceased. We can make arrangements for the memorial service at any chosen location from a funeral chapel to church, family residence, or out on the water or property. The memorial service is quite similar to the traditional funeral service, but the only difference is that the deceased is not present. Sometimes, families prefer to bring along the cremated remains of the deceased in an urn to ensure the presence of their loved one at the service. It is also possible to inter or scatter the ashes during the memorial service. For more information about our memorial services on the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane, call 1800 644 524.

Frequently Asked Questions

A memorial service is a ceremony commemorating the life of a person who has died. It is usually held either before or after the person’s cremation or burial.

A memorial service can provide comfort to the bereaved and help them say goodbye to their loved one. It can also be a way to celebrate the life of the person who has died.

Memorials usually include readings, music, and a eulogy. It may also include the burial or cremation of the person’s ashes.

There are many ways to make a memorial service unique. You can personalise the service by choosing readings, music, and other elements that reflect the person’s life and personality. You can also host the service at a location that was special to the person, such as their home or favourite park.