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Funeral Services

Funeral services are more than bidding farewell to a loved one. It is a celebration of a life and should be unique. That’s why we recommend some unique funeral ideas here.

During our four-decades-long service in this field, we have identified unique funeral ideas and that the most personalised funerals are the most meaningful and memorable ones.

You can add personal touches to the funeral or memorial service in a variety of ways, and we are capable of assisting you in this regard. Here is a brief overview of the personalised services we offer.

Coffins & Caskets

There is a vast range of coffin options to choose from. Our full coffin range can be found here.

Another way to make the funeral unique is a white casket or coffin. Family members can use a permanent marker pen to write personal messages directly onto the coffin.

In some cultures, part of the grieving process is to paint the coffin at the family home. We can organise to have an empty coffin delivered home. Once painting is complete, we will collect the coffin and return it to the funeral home.

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Heart in a Diamond

Heart In Diamond creates beautiful diamonds from your loved one’s hair or ashes so you can hold on to your special memories of them — forever.

With your stunning diamond, you now get to carry the most special feeling in the world with you all the time. Friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers will comment on how much they love your gorgeous memorial diamond.

You’ll have a tangible reminder to help you cherish the most important loved one in your life. If you’re going through a difficult time or personal tragedy, it’s just what you need to make it through.

Eternal Doves
White Dove Release

White doves are a universal symbol of peace, hope, eternal love, and purity. Releasing white doves will give you immense comfort and consolation on your way back home from the funeral. This comfort will help your soul heal from the loss.

Often, we see the responsibility elders place on the children of their family to carry on the family business and name. Having a younger generation release the elder is symbolic of the passing of responsibility from one generation to the next. The dove release is a beautiful representation of the respect held for the passed family member; it is an honour that will remain with the younger generation for a lifetime. The gesture represents respect, gratitude, and release.

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Tenor Singer

Roger Davy

No ceremony can be complete without music. Unarguably, music helps us express our emotions and is utterly soothing for those who have just lost someone they love. Music can also help in respectfully celebrating an extraordinary life.

Roger aims to honour the legacy and life of the deceased with his service. He believes that music can help us express how we feel about those we have lost, and the sound of a voice can assist us in the healing process.

Stubby Coolers

Just Coolers products are an excellent and innovative way to share the memory of your loved one or organisation in true style using a wide range of design ideas that can add colour to an event. A personalised stubby cooler makes a great gift and an excellent talking point at the wake and every event afterwards.

They are a Gold Coast company, so we’re proud to support them.

50 Units – $4.95 each plus $15 postage

100 Units – $3.60 each plus $15 postage

Order through us and add on to the funeral account or contact Just Coolers directly.

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Teddy Bear Urns &
Bereavement Bears

Cami Bears come in three varieties: the Keepsake Bear Urn, Teddy Bear Urn, and Extra-Large Teddy Bear Urn.

Display Pictures
or a Canvas Print

Simply bring along some old photo albums to place on a table at the funeral service or the after-funeral wake and let people have a look at a life story in pictures.

We can organise a large canvas print to be displayed at the front of the chapel that can then be taken home and hung on the wall.

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Silk Flowers On A Gravestone

Real Scottish Bag Pipes

Having the pipes played at a Funeral or Memorial Service brings with it a beautiful and special part of the service.

Every funeral is an emotional rollercoaster for the family and friends of the loved one who has passed away, and for many, it is one of the most stressful and deeply emotive days that they have ever had to endure. Many parts of the service are solemn and reflective. Having the pipes play a special tune at certain moments can give everyone the opportunity to have their moment of reflection and remember all the special occasions.

Each service is different, and therefore each is unique. I have been privileged to play at many funeral services, burials, cremations, and memorial services. All have had that magical moment where the hauntingly beautiful sound of the pipes has given the occasion that special touch.

Ride of Honour
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Hearse

A Harley Davidson Hearse motorcycle is available for those looking for a funeral that reflects a free spirit and a sense of adventure. Bookings can be made by contacting us directly. Prices start at $440 inc. GST for two hours.

‘A memorable choice that reflects a loved one’s sense of adventure.’

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Military Honours

If a loved one served in the armed forces, we can arrange for military honours and present a military flag. You may request to involve the RSL’s participation in a poppy ceremony whereby The Last Post will be played, and the Ode spoken by a member of the RSL. A fitting memorial to reflect on the service commitment by an individual, helping their legacy live on.

An Ocean Funeral
A Beautiful, Unique & Natural Tribute

Celebrating someone’s life in a way that the loved one would have liked or preferred is definitely a daunting task. At Newhaven Funerals, you will get superior service and a variety of options and ideas to plan a funeral in the way you want to. Our ocean funeral services in South East Queensland are a unique way to plan for funerals where you can scatter ashes of your loved one at sea.

Newhaven Funerals can provide all kinds of services and an excellent level of care to your family and guests. This experience allows people to detach themselves from the day-to-day hustle and bustle and contemplate the simplicity of life. We’re located in Brisbane, Logan, and the Gold Coast.

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Photography Services

Funeral photographs preserve important moments that might otherwise be lost in the haze of grief, something that I experienced first-hand after the passing of my father.

It is a great honour to capture the memories and nuances of your loved one’s End of Life ceremony for you to share with future generations.

Farewelling those closest to us is a sensitive time that most struggle to prepare for, let alone recall after the ceremony’s proceedings who was there and what happened.

Capturing life’s final chapter and what follows requires a sincere and honest approach. My experience as both a professional photographer and volunteer for* has afforded me these skills.

Be it the service, a viewing, at the wake, or something in between, I capture these moments with the utmost respect for you and your family, offering images of simplicity and grace for you to cherish and remember always.

At Funeral & End of Life Photography by Mel Noonan, we understand each person’s grieving journey is unique and offer a personalised service to best meet your needs during this delicate time.

We cater to all denominations, cultures, and traditions. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

(*dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature births, or have children with serious and terminal illnesses).

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Scatter Ashes by Drone
Modern & Unique Tribute

Ensuring a respectful service for your loved one. Being a dynamic area of technology, the use of drones is extendable across a variety of fields and services. Our pilots are experienced in select funeral services, including spreading ashes of cremated loved ones. This allows ashes to be spread evenly over difficult areas, such as valleys, private water bodies, beaches, and private properties. We are approved to spread ashes on numerous public beaches in Queensland. Our pilots undertake these delicate occasions with professionalism and empathy to preserve your precious memories and help you through the celebration of the life of your loved one. Contact them directly to discuss how they can assist with your funeral service requirements. Call 0400 283 319.

Video &
Slideshow Tribute

You have the option to play a picture DVD at the funeral service, along with your favourite music or traditional hymns playing in the background.

Participation From Family & Friends

We offer the exclusive service of asking all your family members and friends to participate in the service by reading some favourite quotes, poems, scripture passages, or anything else that the deceased wrote or was fond of. Or else, a personalised note can be read that embodies the deceased.

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Please Reconsider
Balloon Release

We suggest that you read this piece of information before opting for balloon release service, as it is not an eco-friendly option. Do check out this link:

This link will provide you with the necessary information about the laws and applicable fines for balloon release:

Musician Services

We can arrange special musicians at the funeral, such as a pianist, bagpipe player, organist, harpist, violinist, or vocalist.

Funeral Processions

We can plan a special route to the crematorium, church, or cemetery if your loved one was a police officer, firefighter, or any other type of serviceperson. The funeral procession will be led by the respective vehicle.

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Encourage Others to
Share Memories

You can request for note cards at the service or visitation on which people can write comments and share stories with the loved one’s family. Mourners can also use a permanent marker to write messages onto the coffin directly. If the person is a child, we can offer personalised tribute by pasting pictures of his/her favourite cartoon characters on the coffin. A white coffin is the ideal choice for this option.

A Parting Gift

You may like to offer parting gifts to the attendants at the funeral, such as the loved one’s favourite recipe, a packet of seeds or flowers to plant in their memory, or a personalised bookmark bearing their picture or a quote. We can also arrange personalised coasters, coolers, and other similar items.

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Symbolic Ceremony
at the Cemetery

A dove or butterfly release can be arranged at the cemetery, or flower petals can be placed into the water while the ashes are scattered at sea.

Reception And/or Wake

The funeral can be followed by a reception for family and close friends at the church, someone’s residence, hotel, country club, or a restaurant. You can use this gathering as an opportunity to share fond memories of your loved one.