Planning a funerals in advance

The last thing we want to do is apply the word cheap to funerals & certainly doesn’t reflect the compassion and quality we deliver to every one of our Newhaven funerals.

That also doesn’t mean we are expensive.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable, quality funerals in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

If you want the most affordable option, we recommend cremation rather than a burial.

In western countries, people are living longer, and the price of funerals is increasing, but Australia is one of the leading countries in adopting cremation as its preferred choice.

Why choose cremation rather than burial?

It’s more affordable

On average in Australia, a traditional burial service costs up to twice the price of a cremation service. That is a significant dollar saving which comes from not having to buy a plot of land nor the more elaborate preparations such as embalming which means smaller funeral directors’ fees.

There are more choices with cremation

It might sound unusual but with a cremation there are so many more and different options than the burial of a coffin (although people are looking for some of the more alternative funerals becoming available), For example:

More time to prepare

It can be a hassle to organise a funeral, to be able to find a time and place to suit everyone who wants to attend. There is more flexibility in arranging a cremation service and/or memorial/farewell service.

A unique service

When you choose a burial, so much is guided by the local priest or funeral director. The service is also somewhat formulaic with few personal touches.

With a cremation, not only is there more flexibility in timing and location, you are able to tailor the service to suit, add personal touches, and make your own unique service to say farewell.

At Newhaven funerals we pride ourselves on delivering the service you really want.

Contact us today for a quote, or just a chat about what you want for a funeral in Brisbane or Gold Coast. 

Tim Connolly Funeral Director Newhaven Funerals
Tim Connolly – Funeral Director Newhaven Funerals Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Growing up around funerals since the age of six allows Tim a unique understanding of how a family owned funeral business should be.
Since leaving school in 1992 Tim has been deeply involved in all aspects of operating their family owned business, including operating crematoriums, memorial gardens and pet cremation business. Tim is available to assist all clients with any request.