Pensioners Feel Taken for a Ride by Funeral Insurance Policies

Following on from last night’s story on A Current Affair, I thought it time to revisit a post we did about this back in 2021 and our thoughts on pre-paid funerals vs funeral insurance. I hope this story provides some timely advice for you, but if you would like additional information or would like to […]

What is the future of cemeteries?

I’ve just finished reading a very interesting article from ABCNews Journalist Dinah Lewis Boucher , that I wanted to share with you.

Cheapest & Most Expensive Australian City to Hold A Funeral

  A recent article on compared funeral costs from around Australia to find the cheapest and most expensive cities in Australia to hold a funeral service. Comparison website Finder on Wednesday revealed its study into the cost of dying. It analysed how much it cost to hold a burial or cremation ceremony from major funeral providers […]

Why it’s important to have a funeral

Funerals are as old as the human race itself and have proven to date back to over 60,000 BC. Every culture and civilisation around the world have taken care of their loved ones who have passed away in a way of honouring, respecting and remembering them. While each culture has had different ways of doing […]

Affordable Funerals – Cremation Vs Burial

The last thing we want to do is apply the word cheap to funerals & certainly doesn’t reflect the compassion and quality we deliver to every one of our Newhaven funerals. That also doesn’t mean we are expensive. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, quality funerals in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you want the […]

How to Write a Eulogy for a Funeral

There is only a brief window of time between the passing and the funeral service to write and deliver a eulogy. Guests attending funerals in Brisbane, as with funerals everywhere, will be expecting to reflect on the life of the soul who recently departed. Eulogies are always listened to in reverence. Regardless of whether the […]

Free Consultation for a Pre-Arranged Funeral

The funeral directors at Newhaven Funerals are proud to have been providing funeral, crematorium and memorial services to Queensland since 1979. As a family-run company, our values and ethics are important, and we aim to deliver 100% satisfaction for every customer. We are there for you to assist in arranging a funeral after the passing […]

Everything You Need to Know about Cremation

Cremations in Brisbane have risen in popularity in recent years, whether this is because they are becoming a preferred funerary method due to beliefs or because they are generally more affordable and flexible compared to traditional funeral options. The cremation process is about a third of the cost of a burial in a coffin or […]

How to Plan a Funeral Service

Newhaven Funerals’ point of difference is our exclusive set of qualities that have helped us help families on how to plan a funeral service when faced with the death of a loved one. Each ceremony is unique to the individual and the needs of their family. Funerals are likely to be emotionally taxing as many […]