How to plan a funeral during lockdown

With lock down restrictions already in place in South East Queensland and the likelihood of extension on the horizon, this article will help you navigate your options at an already difficult and emotional time. Restrictions in place stipulate that only 10 people including the celebrant and the funeral directors are allowed to attend any funeral […]

What to do when someone dies

When someone passes away, it can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience even if the situation doesn’t come as a shock and is expected. Most people are not experienced in this area, and many questions will arise on what to do and in what order. If you have the knowledge in place, you will be […]

How to plan for your own funeral – Everything you need to know

  We often dismiss the idea of our own funerals because it’s such a hard topic to face. But the reality is at any age, funerals happen and having a plan for your own funeral not only helps take the stress away from your family but also gives you what you might like as a […]

Affordable Funerals – Cremation Vs Burial

The last thing we want to do is apply the word cheap to funerals & certainly doesn’t reflect the compassion and quality we deliver to every one of our Newhaven funerals. That also doesn’t mean we are expensive. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, quality funerals in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you want the […]

6 Tips for Planning a Funeral

Funerals are one of the most stressful events of our lives and for so many reasons, they are occasions that take a lot out of us. To assist you we have provided a list of 6 tips for planning a funeral in this article. While there are many issues to be dealt with, the practicalities […]

How much does a funeral cost and what happens if you can’t afford it?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Yet despite knowing the inevitable, hundreds of people fail to put plans in place to prevent their family trying to pay for funeral costs they can’t afford. And why? Because it’s not a reality people like to face, […]

Everything You Need to Know about Cremation

Cremations in Brisbane have risen in popularity in recent years, whether this is because they are becoming a preferred funerary method due to beliefs or because they are generally more affordable and flexible compared to traditional funeral options. The cremation process is about a third of the cost of a burial in a coffin or […]

Do You Want To Plan an Ocean Funeral?

Opening Scatter Tube — Newhaven Funerals in Brisbane

Living on the Gold Coast is a pleasure that many people treasure. If the life of a loved one who’s passed was all about coastal living, the salty smell of the sea and the beach as their playground. You can choose an Ocean Funeral to keep them close to their beloved home. As a trusted […]