For most funerals, darker dress outfits like a button-up suit or a black dress will always be appropriate, but you may be going to a celebration of life memorial, so you will have more leeway when it comes to what to wear.

Different cultures have different customs for funeral attire but if you are still unsure of what will honour your recently deceased’s memory, the expert funeral directors at Newhaven Funerals have provided some tips to make sure you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction on the important day.

Please feel free to ask our funeral directors if you need some experienced advice.

General Tips

Tips for Women

General outfit ideas for women:

Tips for Men:

General outfit ideas for men:

Commemorating the life of a loved one can take many forms, so checking with those organising the funeral is the best course of action.

Every life is colourful and vibrant but in death, respects are best paid by not detracting from those whose memory you’re there to honour and celebrate.

If you are still unsure, your funeral directors Newhaven Funerals will be able to expertly guide you on how to dress when attending a memorial service.

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