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Timber Coffin and Casket Range

Grecian Urn Rosewood Casket

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Natural Wicker Coffin Range

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The function of a funeral director is to guide a family with ease and dignity through the difficult
When you choose one of our company owned chapels we can provide you complimentary tea, coffee and...
Concerned and thoughtful people arrange their own funeral and/or cremation needs. Families who pl...
Newhaven Funerals was established by the Connolly family in1979.
If you have suffered the loss of a loved one recently, please allow us to extend our hand...
Casket Spray, Wreath, Singles, Boxes, Petals
Biodegradable, Keepsakes/Jewellery, Scatter /Urns Tubes, Timber, Metal, Ceramic
Timber coffins, natural wicker coffins and the Expressions range.
Funeral services can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. Over the years...
Natural burial is the internment of a body in the soil in a manner that does not inhibit decompos...
Choosing Burial or Cremation can be a hard choice to make. Let us help.