There are many tough decisions you may face when a loved one passes.

From figuring out what funeral home to go with, to the type of funeral and all the additional details, can quickly become a stressful situation.

Your main goal is to respect your loved one’s final wishes and give them the ceremony they deserve.

It is important that you research funeral homes before you arrange services through them.

You want to be sure you go to somebody who is licensed and has a good reputation in the community.

You can call and speak with funeral directors on the Gold Coast beforehand or pay their funeral homes a visit so you can see how professionally they conduct their business.

Choosing a Coffin

Coffins have been traditionally made from wood for centuries but as of recently, coffins are available in a range of alternative materials such as metal, cardboard, wicker and bamboo.

The selection can be a bit overwhelming and this is where funeral directors on the Gold Coast can offer their assistance and advice in making the most appropriate choice.

Their advice can be invaluable, especially if your loved one did not make their preferences clear before passing.

When selecting the material, consider the kind of funeral you are having.

A solid wood coffin is an appropriate choice for a traditional church service with a burial.

For a cremation, a cardboard coffin is best suited as it is designed for cremation purposes only, typically those without a service.

For an outdoor funeral ceremony, a biodegradable wicker coffin can be an ideal complement to the surroundings.

Our specially trained team at Newhaven Funerals can help you select from a variety of timber coffin options such as oak and redwood, to more environmentally-friendly offerings like eco-wood and wicker.

We also offer the opportunity to add you own personalised designs either from an existing selection or by creating your own.

Choosing a Funeral Director

When choosing funeral directors on the Gold Coast, you can check out online testimonials or even ask for recommendations from your friends or your local clergyman.

Start by making a list of all your funeral care needs and wants and then select a funeral service provider based on your plan.

With over 40 years of experience, Newhaven Funerals will go above and beyond in helping you make all these important decisions during this difficult time.

Contact us here or Call us at (07) 3807 4444.

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