How to Write a Eulogy for a Funeral

Flowers for the departed--writing and delivering a euology There is only a brief window of time between the passing and the funeral service to write and deliver a eulogy. Guests attending funerals in Brisbane, as with funerals everywhere, will be expecting to reflect on the life of the soul who recently departed. Eulogies are always listened to in reverence. Regardless of whether the […]

Pre-paid Funeral Insurance, Good Or Bad?

Harp Funeral Although death is inevitable, we often find it hard to discuss funeral wishes with those who matter the most. One thing is for sure, when the time comes, your family will be grieving whilst still having to arrange a funeral. This scenario always put people in a difficult position and things can be even harder […]

When Looking for Cremations in Brisbane, Look to Newhaven Funerals Cremation Services

Newhaven Funerals offers Cremations in Brisbane. These Brisbane cremations follow all Australian health requirements. Moreover, these Brisbane Cremation services are performed with the latest technology to ensure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Newhaven Funerals’ Brisbane Cremation Services Keep Your Loved One’s Dignity Newhaven Funerals’ cremation in Brisbane offerings include biodegradable urns, timber […]