Although death is inevitable, we often find it hard to discuss funeral wishes with those who matter the most.

One thing is for sure, when the time comes, your family will be grieving whilst still having to arrange a funeral.

This scenario always put people in a difficult position and things can be even harder if money is an issue.

At Newhaven Funerals, we understand that you want the best for your loved ones, especially when you are no longer there.

This is why we have created a funeral plan so that your family can have some help when dealing with burials or cremations in Brisbane.

What Should I Know about Funeral Insurance?

People who pay in advance for their funeral do so out of love and concern for those they will leave behind.

It is normal to wonder what will happen to your family once you are gone and you will probably want to make arrangements to avoid any conflict.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals who are ready to take advantage of your good intentions.

Particularly if you are not going to be there to argue.

When taking out a funeral plan or funeral insurance, you must always read the fine print and understand the contract fully before signing it.

There are some insurance companies that advertise plans as being affordable but in reality, this depends on your age and health.

The premiums might end up increasing over the years and you could end up paying more than what the funeral would cost.

In some cases, if you miss a payment, you are likely to lose your cover and any money you paid.

What Are My Other Options?

Burials and cremations in Brisbane can be costly if you have not prepared in advance so it is always a good idea to have arrangements in place.

At Newhaven Funerals we are on your side.

This is why we have created a funeral plan that is backed by State Government Legislation and designed to protect you.

You can be sure that any contributions you make into your funeral plan will be safe and ready to help your family in their hour of need.

Having a plan in place will ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Your family will not need to discuss whether burials or cremations in Brisbane are better because you will have made your decision clear.

If you are interested in the plans we offer at Newhaven Funerals, call us at 1800 644 524 for an obligation-free consultation.