Funeral directors witness firsthand the stress that comes with burying a loved one — the grief, emotional decisions that must be made and the ensuing tension.

Many funeral directors have the ability to accept pre-payment for funeral arrangements, which can relieve some of the financial burden for families, and it’s put in a trust that can’t be touched until it’s used for the funeral.

But even if pre-paying isn’t an option, a plan or list of what you want done for your funeral can significantly relieve stress on the family.

It definitely gives your family a peace of mind in knowing that they are following through with the types of arrangements that you would have wanted. 

Pre-arrangements can be as thorough as a complete plan of everything you want done for your funeral, or as simple as picking out a plot or choosing between burial and cremation.

If you’ve got family members debating over, ‘Well I think they would have wanted this song, or ‘I think they would have wanted this song’ — if it’s something you’ve got written down, then they know that’s what you wanted. It it just takes away some of that uncertainty.

Most people will naturally start thinking about preparations for themselves when a loved one dies.

They have recently gone through losing someone and they said in order to spare my family from having to make the same choices, “I want to get these things done so they don’t have to bear that burden.”

It can be difficult to choose a funeral director and entrust them to understand your requirements.

We believe we provide a level of care that will exceed your expectations. 

At all times our priority is to ensure we explain everything and answer all questions which in turn allows you to concentrate on being with family at a time when they need you.

For advice on prearranging a funeral contact our friendly staff at Newhaven Funerals, or visit our web page Pre Arranging a Funeral for more advice and assistance.