A question we are often asked at Newhaven Funerals is “When is the best time to plan my funeral?”, the answer, is the best time is anytime … other than when you need it.

It is much better to make plans ahead, and thankfully, pre-arranged funerals are growing in popularity.

Here’s why we think planning a funeral in advance is a wise thing to do:

It relieves stress on your family

Many people die without leaving instructions or making their wishes known to their family. This can be a burden which can lead to confusion, disagreements, and even arguments.

In your pre-arranged plan, you will have covered all the basics so there will be no doubts over whether its burial or cremation, open or closed casket, where you want to be laid to rest etc.

You can take financial responsibility

There are various ways to pay for your funeral and planning it in advance ensures that your family will not have the worry or burden when the time comes.

Funeral directors expect to be paid on time and sometimes, family finances can be complicated, and your relatives may not have access to funds at the time they need it.

A Pre-paid Funeral plan or trust, removes this problem.

You want things done your way

It may sound selfish but why should you not want your send off to be the way you want it. Any specific preferences you wish to be adhered to can be included in your plan.

For example, you can state whether you want burial or cremation, if you want a church service, what readings or hymns you want, where you want your ashes scattered, and even specify your guest list.

You are in control of your affairs to the end

It is a thoughtful and caring thing to do for your family to pre-arrange your funeral. Instead of worrying about details and making decisions, they can focus on saying farewell.

You can rest in peace knowing you cared for them right to the end and they will appreciate it after the fact.

Your funeral will offer them closure and enable them to begin the healing process rather than having their time taken with all the little details required to make a fitting ceremony that honours someone they loved and cared for.

If you want to discuss a pre-arranged funeral plan, the advisors at Newhaven Funerals are happy to take your call on 1800 644 524.