Losing a loved one is never easy, but a funeral is your chance to say goodbye and respectfully celebrate the life they lived.

If you are planning a funeral for your loved one, our family-owned funeral home, Newhaven Funerals, has helped thousands of Queensland families personalise their services to create unique funeral legacies.

There has been a steady rise in ‘alternative’ funerals in recent years, as many people are now exploring ways to celebrate the life of their loved ones through non-conventional funeral services.

These unique funerals allow the bereaved to become creative and select personalised elements that exclusively represent the life and passions of their loved one who’s passed.

You can even choose to include features, such as fancy hearses, light displays or costumed dress codes, that reflect the life of the deceased.

If your loved one made any special requests prior to their death, you can discuss these with our knowledgeable Brisbane and Gold Coast funeral directors to ensure they are brought to reality.

Personalised Caskets

There are many non-traditional alternatives to the conventional hardwood casket.

At Newhaven Funerals, we offer personalised coffins, which can feature digital printing in any picture or colour you desire.

We can use your favourite family photos or incorporate a theme that is personal to your loved one. Some examples include adorning a casket with guitars to reflect a musician or a seaside scene for the beach lover.

Unusual Hearse

Hiring an unusual hearse is another way to make your loved one’s funeral on the Gold Coast special, especially if it incorporates the deceased’s line of work.

Farmers and bus drivers have been known to be transported by tractors and buses.

Golden hearses provide a touch of elegance, while vehicles, such as hot rods and Harleys, ensure the classic car lover arrives to their final resting place in style.

Play Music

Many Queenslanders are choosing to have favourite songs played at their funerals on the Gold Coast.

You can play your loved one’s favourite hits at their service or create a special playlist to convey their spirit and personality.

Share Memories

While a funeral is a chance for you to say “goodbye” it also allows you to reflect on your loved one and their individual qualities.

It is also an opportunity for extended family, friends and those closest to you to share their own experiences.

You can create a permanent token of remembrance by asking mourners to write their favourite memories or even share photographs in a guestbook.

Our compassionate team at Newhaven Funerals can help you arrange the ideal service for your loved one. Call us on (07) 5593 4777 to talk to one of our experienced funeral directors.

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