Even though a funeral is a sad occasion, it doesn’t mean your loved one cannot have an extra special send off.

Our experienced funeral directors at Newhaven Funerals have been providing funeral services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast since 1979, and we are happy to provide a plain and simple funeral or one with all mod cons.

When you need to make funeral arrangements, you can trust us to provide everything to your wishes with attention to detail. Our reputation in Queensland demands it.

So what options might you consider other than a regular funeral?

Ocean funeral

Was your relative in the navy? An avid sailor? Did they ever express the wish to be buried at sea or have their ashes scattered from a boat?

We can provide an ocean funeral! We are the only funeral home in Queensland to offer this service. This unique service is not specifically for anyone with a love of the sea.

Our Ocean funeral is a beautiful ceremony in a pure, natural setting that provides a calming effect for the mourners. Ashes are scattered amid flower petals providing a very special moment.

If you want to learn more about our Ocean Funeral service, contact our funeral directors to discuss the preparations and process.

Live streaming

The way of the world these days, our families and friends may be located all over Australia and even across the world.

Despite the sadness of the occasion, you still want everyone connected with your lost relative to be able to attend the funeral. A funeral is one of those rare occasions when families and friends who haven’t seen each other for years get together.

There will be, inevitably, people who wish to attend the funeral but for whatever reason are unable to do so. The team at Newhaven Funerals can make it possible thanks to our live streaming service.  

With a personalised password, invitees are able to access a live video of the ceremony at any of our licensed crematoriums.

Offer condolences

When making funeral arrangements, the organiser often includes a message about where flowers can be sent or to which charity donations should be made in the deceased name if they don’t want flowers.

With our Offer Condolences service, mourners and non-mourners are able to send their own special message.

At Newhaven Funerals we believe in going the extra mile to make the funeral process as easy and comfortable as possible.

Call us today for more advice and assistance on 1800 644 524

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