Proudly introducing: Darren Irvine, Branch Manager at Newhaven Funerals in Stapylton.

This year is a special milestone for Darren, as it marks 21 years of dedicated service at Newhaven Funerals and a total of 25 years working in the Funeral Industry.

Darren’s experience and perspective as well as his work ethic, put him in the unique position to be able to manage and support the team at Newhaven Funerals, whose work is sometimes distressing, but always rewarding.

Darren knows he has a privileged role in being able to take some of the burden away from families at a difficult time in their lives.

He knows just how overwhelming it can be for families to make decisions and organise a meaningful tribute to the life of a loved one who has passed away, having lost 5 close family members whilst being a Funeral Director at Newhaven Funerals.

The profession isn’t for everyone, but Darren has become a pro at balancing his family life, with his wife and 2 children, with his work life.

Sometimes being on call 24 hours a day.

He has also been a great mentor to his fellow funeral directors, who often come together to de-brief and offer support at sometimes stressful and demanding times.

Darren has found that the continuity of care at Newhaven is not just an important benefit for the families, but also for himself and the other funeral directors.

Each Funeral Director takes responsibility for every element of the organisation of a funeral.

He believes that this maintains a close relationship with the families who trust him to care for their loved ones.

He meets the family when he is taking their loved one into our care and he is the same person there for them at the arrangement, funeral service and after care including memorialisation.

He is proud of the fact that so many families have appreciated his compassion, attention and professionalism.

We are thankful too, Darren.

We are grateful for your continued dedication to the families in our care and to the Newhaven Funerals Family.

If you’d like to speak to Darren, he can be contacted on 1800 644 524

Article by Tim Connolly –  Funeral Director Newhaven Funerals Brisbane & Gold Coast  

Tim Connolly Funeral Director Newhaven FuneralsTim Connolly – Funeral Director Newhaven Funerals Brisbane & Gold Coast.
Growing up around funerals since the age of six allows Tim a unique understanding of how a family owned funeral business should be.
Since leaving school in 1992 Tim has been deeply involved in all aspects of operating their family owned business, including operating crematoriums, memorial gardens and pet cremation business. Tim is more than competent to assist all clients with any request