Saying farewell to a loved one is incredibly difficult, but the funeral itself doesn’t have to be a grim affair. Viewing a funeral ceremony as an opportunity to celebrate the life, loves and achievements of someone so close to your heart is preferable, as is finding positive ways to honour their memory.

Play Their Favourite Music
DownloadMusic is a wonderful way to create an emotional connection between people, and there’s nothing like playing someone’s favourite music to help bring mourners together. Some funeral homes will allow you to play any kind of music you desire, but you may like to save some choices for a private wake after the ceremony.

Encourage Everyone to Share Anecdotes
Make sure that everyone attending the funeral has the opportunity to share their favourite anecdotes about their loved one. Even small personal moments can be very moving in these situations, and funny anecdotes are welcome at funerals. Don’t forget that laughter is an important aspect of dealing with grief.

Tributes provide a way for family and friends to express and share their thoughts on the person being remembered. Record condolences and tributes in text, audio, photographic, video formats and much more.

Creating a video tribute is an excellent way of sharing how you feel about the departed and can give all funeral guests something positive to focus on. If you don’t have video footage, a montage of photographs will work equally well.

Parting Gifts  
DownloadEncouraging funeral guests to bring parting gifts for their loved one might seem strange but is actually a great way for everyone to say goodbye. Leaving sentimental items such as letters, photographs and engraved items with the deceased leaves loved ones feeling connected on a deeper level.

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