Newhaven Funerals participating in Secondary School Road Safety Program 'Docudrama'

Newhaven Funerals, a Queensland family owned funeral home has taken it upon themselves to send a message to road users to slow down.

Company director Tim Connolly explains “the road toll in the state is on target to increase against last year’s figures and that is totally unacceptable”.

He continues on saying “What a lot of people don’t understand is the impact a death from a road accident has on the relatives and the community and how easily it can be avoided”.

Mr Connolly is encouraging everyone to become involved in Road Safety Week in August and make sure we are here for the future. All it takes is a nanosecond of loss of concentration and it’s all over!

“The top causes of fatalities are, speeding, driving tired and distracted drivers and with such long distances covered in north Queensland and seeing so many deaths in the State, we are the ones who need to lead by example”, says Mr Connolly.

With road safety week coming up between 22nd and 28th of August, now is the time to get involved. The Queensland State Government initiative is an opportunity for all Queenslanders to get involved in making our roads safer.

Speaking up for road safety; is the focus and we’re encouraging the whole community to have their say on road safety.

You can join the ‘Speaking up for road safety initiative here: www.jointhedrive.qld.gov.au