Children of all ages will find the death of a family member hard to deal with and although everyone reacts individually, many children of similar ages react in similar ways. It’s important that parents are there to comfort, reassure and support children through their grieving process. If it seems that you and your child are really struggling to cope, don’t be afraid to ask for outside help.

children grievingPreschool Children

Younger children have a hard time coping with death, not always having the words to express how they’re feeling or the understanding that the loss is permanent. They may show their sadness through actions – whether that’s by crying or demanding constant attention. Devoting time to your child and being as reassuring as you can is very important.

Early School Years

As a child grows, they get a better understanding of death and may show a great deal of interest. They may bombard you with all sorts of questions about what happened, why it happened and what will happen next. Although it may be very trying for you during grief, you must keep your patience and explain as much as you can.

Late Primary School

By the time children approach high school they have a firm grasp over the concept of death but may still be curious over the details in a case personal to them. By now their emotional awareness is likely to be more acute so they’ll better recognise the feelings you’re exhibiting.


Teenagers will often prefer the company of their friends but knowing they have their parents to support them is a great safety net. Some teenagers will often go ‘off the rails’ when grieving and if this is the case you’ll need to be there to guide them.

Funeral Homes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay and Whitsundays.

One way that you can allow your children, especially the older ones, to find outlets for their grief and find closure is by letting them help in the funeral planning. For additional planning help from our funeral staff, contact Newhaven’s funeral homes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay or the Whitsundays on 1800 644 524.

Crematorium Tours

A guided tour of our crematorium is a wonderful way of dispelling the myths of what happens following a death and can be arranged for individuals or groups. Our respectful staff will cover all aspects of funeral and coffin preparation, the cremation process and memorialisation. If you are interested please contact Newhaven Funerals on 1800 644 524.