The funeral directors at Newhaven Funerals are proud to have been providing funeral, crematorium and memorial services to Queensland since 1979.

As a family-run company, our values and ethics are important, and we aim to deliver 100% satisfaction for every customer.

We are there for you to assist in arranging a funeral after the passing of a loved one, but we also offer a pre-arranged funeral service.

Why choose a pre-arranged funeral?

You might have noticed there is plenty of advertising for Funeral Insurance. It sounds like a good plan to have the money available to pay for a funeral, not leaving your family to bear the financial burden, but it isn’t the best option.

The product is still an insurance, which means you need to continue paying premiums right up until the day you need it .

These premiums will also increase with age and it is highly probable that the payout will be less than the total amount paid in.

When you choose a pre-arranged funeral with Newhaven Funerals, it is a one-off fixed price service. It does not increase with time or with inflation.

You can pay for your funeral in 2018, and your service will go ahead in whatever year in the future without any additional costs unless your relatives choose additional services.

You can plan a pre-arranged funeral safe in the knowledge you have booked with a highly reputable company offering a service backed by State Government legislation.

Free consultation at Newhaven funerals

If you are considering a pre-arranged funeral, we offer a free consultation.

There is no obligation, and should you choose to go ahead, you can request our free gift of $200 contribution to the cost of your funeral.

Your consultation will take place with one of our trained counsellors who will not only explain the process but will also help you make the decisions to create your funeral plan.

The counsellor will help you decide on all the key points, such as choosing between a burial or cremation, where you want the service, number of mourner cars, etc.

Once you have planned your funeral and paid for it, there are no further obligations.

Your funeral is booked, and you have no worries that your family will need to find funds at a distressing time.

Our counsellor will also advise you to let someone know you have a funeral plan in place.

This might be your spouse, one of your children, and it can also be mentioned in your will.

Call Newhaven Funerals today for your free consultation for a pre-arranged funeral.

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