Cremations in Brisbane have risen in popularity in recent years, whether this is because they are becoming a preferred funerary method due to beliefs or because they are generally more affordable and flexible compared to traditional funeral options.

The cremation process is about a third of the cost of a burial in a coffin or casket and, in our culture, it remains a very respectful way to say goodbye to loved ones.

The ashes, or cremains, pose no health risk and are usually returned to the deceased’s family, who will either keep them in an urn or vessel, inter them at a memorial site or crematory or disperse them during a funeral ceremony.

Many families find comfort spreading their loved one’s ashes in a favourite place or kept at home to be closer to the deceased’s immediate relatives.

Flexible Services

A cremation does not mean you cannot have a traditional service. You can choose to have a funeral based around the deceased’s casket before the cremation.

You may prefer to have a direct cremation followed by a memorial service or special ceremony at a later date.

If your loved one did not make any special requests for their service, you can talk to your funeral director to find something that honours their life and helps bring you closure for their passing.

Cremation Products

Cremations in Brisbane tend to cost less than a traditional burial service.

However, the final price will depend on your personal preferences, the type of service you wish to have and what you want to do with the remains, along with any additional services you may require from the funeral home.

For a basic cremation, the main items you will have to pay for are the cremation casket and the urn.

If you are having a funeral service before the cremation in Brisbane, you need to purchase a casket.

Newhaven Funerals provides a range of caskets and will offer expert guidance on the most appropriate selection.

You need to consider what to do with the remains. If you intend to bury them in a cemetery, some funeral homes offer burial vaults and grave liners.

Our experienced funeral directors will be able to advise you certain cemetery’s burial requirements.

Handling the Remains

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for cremains to be kept in nonconventional ways.

Some examples include turning cremains into wearable jewellery, incorporating cremains into an artificial underwater reef for your fish tank or burying them under a tree in your yard.

If you choose to have a cremation, Newhaven Funerals is available to ensure the entire process is as seamless and efficient as possible in order to allow you more time to grieve.

We will be there to guide you and find the most appropriate way to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Contact us today by calling (07) 3807 4444.

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