5961457868_0e2c8e8f58Tears are healthy – believe it or not.

The death of a close family friend or loved one is always an extremely difficult experience and the grieving process is different for everyone. Some may try to save themselves from heartache by shutting themselves off rather than dealing with their grief – a tactic that can often cause more pain in the long run.

Embracing Your Grief

An emotional outlet is extremely important when you’re in mourning, and by allowing yourself to cry, you can release some of your sadness in a healthy, natural way.

In 1984, Dr. William Frey conducted a study on the nature of tears. He took samples from the tears of 400 people cutting onions in a kitchen and 400 people at a cinema and then compared the results. The samples from the kitchen contained a solution of salt and water whereas the tears from the people watching a sad film contained salt, water and the toxic enzyme encephalin. This enzyme is used to numb the body when a person is grieving and can then be removed from the body’s system at an appropriate time. Those who do not cry are left with the enzyme still present, potentially doing themselves biological or physiological harm.

This can explain why people often feel better and more capable of coping and accessing their emotions after crying. So don’t shut yourself off from grieving, allow yourself to remember your loved one and shed the tears that you need to.

Planning a Funeral

A funeral is a natural focal point for grief and a great release for all loved ones. To get started with your funeral planning, contact Newhaven Funerals on (07) 3177 0085. Newhaven has several locations across Queensland including Brisbane, Mackay and the Gold Coast.