As a provider of cremations in Brisbane we offer a range of beautiful funeral urns.

Finding the right urn for your loved ones when they pass is a difficult but necessary element of the funeral process.

Try to look at the selection of the urn as a way to express your thoughts and feelings about the person.

There are many reasons people choose cremation over burial, both for themselves and their loved ones.

We hope this will help you make the right choice to commemorate your loved one’s life and cherished personality.

Keepsake Urns

For many bereaved families and friends, a keepsake urn is just the right way to remember the deceased.

As ashes are often scattered in places that mean a great deal to not only the ones who’ve passed but the remaining family and friends as well.

A “scattering the ashes” ceremony is a wonderful way of ensuring the memory of a loved one is not forgotten.

Keepsake urns are discreet and come in many beautiful designs.

These can be kept in places around the home, where you feel they are most appropriate.

This could be on open display or in a more private part of your home.

Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

After the cremation in Brisbane, a very popular modern urn choice is the biodegradable urn.

These urns are excellent ways to reconnect people with the earth – in reference to people eventually returning to the ground.

Cremations and burial ceremonies can both make use of urns.

They are extremely popular with friends and family of those who cared about the environment.

Companion urns are highly valued memorials, which relatives of the deceased may find reassuring.

Often a couple spends their lives together and are separated after years of love and devotion.

Therefore, a companion urn is a wonderful way to help keep them together.

Companion urns are available in single or double compartment versions.

These offer much comfort to the member of a long-married couple who has been left behind.

There are beautifully designed urns for those who have tragically lost young children.

These are delicately decorated to provide reminders of the enormous love felt in such a short life.

Picture urns contain the remains of a loved one complete with a photograph of the deceased as you would wish to remember them.

These are a beautiful picture frame with a compartment at the rear containing the ashes.

The picture can be etched onto the urn itself or inserted as a favorite photo.

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As part of our trusted cremations services in Brisbane, local families and friends can also obtain pet urns for their favorite furry companions.

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We can help you remember the your loved ones in the most respectful way.

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