The passing of a loved one is a very emotional time for everyone involved.

If the deceased left no wishes and you are in charge of the funeral arrangements, you will have to decide whether a cremation or burial is appropriate.

Families can find themselves divided on this decision but there are compassionate funeral directors in Mackay who can help you through this difficult time.

They will assist you in considering all the factors involved and help you make the best decision.


Traditional burials tend to be more expensive than cremations.

The main costs involved include embalming, funeral services, casket or coffin and burial plot amongst others.

By contrast, cremations tend to be cheaper.

A direct cremation is where the body is cremated prior to the funeral service and you may not need to pay for embalming or a casket rental.

However, if you request a viewing of the body prior to cremation, you will have to pay for embalming and preparation of the body, casket rental, funeral services and funeral home costs.

Generally, cremations can save you money provided you do not need additional services.

New Haven Funerals understand this is an important decision. Our empathetic staff are here to offer all the assistance and support you require.


Strong family traditions and personal beliefs are the determining factors for most people.

Some religions may forbid the cremation of human remains and favour natural decomposition.

Burials also provide a gravesite to visit and a source of closure to loved ones.

Other cultures may favour a cremation because they believe it sends the departed soul on its journey into the next world.

Cremations also provide more flexibility in terms of memorialisation and portability.

You can have ashes placed in an urn and take them with you whenever you move.

If you are still undecided, funeral directors in Mackay can give you the guidance you and your family need.

Environmental Concerns

There are divisive opinions when it comes to deciding if cremations or burials are better for the environment.

Experienced funeral directors in Mackay will help you weigh out the options.

Those for traditional burials cite pollutant gases emitted from cremations whereas those for cremation claim their method is more environmentally friendly and takes up less land space.

Whatever your decision, New Haven Funerals are here to help you through this journey. Contact us today or call us at 1300 375 918.

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