Environmental awareness has spread far beyond carbon footprints and air quality concerns. It’s now found its place among funeral arrangements, with many individuals considering Natural Burials to mourn the passing of their loved ones. These options, which serve as counterparts to traditional cremations or lawn services, fuse every memorial with an eco-friendly sensibility.

This makes them ideal ways to celebrate the lives of the nature-conscious. It also, however, makes them difficult to plan – which is why NewHaven’s Gold Coast funeral directors provide families with the support they need.

NewHaven Funerals: About Us

In 1979, Denise and Phil Connolly introduced the Gold Coast to family-owned service and painstaking care. NewHaven Funerals connected each client to burials, cremations, and even oceanside memorials. Since that time, our Brisbane funeral directors have expanded their expertise, recognising the growing need for Natural Burials.

Considering this service for your loved one? Our Gold Coast funeral directors will lead you through the process, helping you locate cemeteries, arrange services, and more. Contact us today to begin.

What is a Natural Burial?

A recent surge in environmentalism has caused many funeral directors in Brisbane to receive the same question: what is Natural Burial? Simply explained, this process is the encouragement of decomposition. Each body – after being prepared without the use of chemical additives – is carefully interred within the ground, with its coffin composed of biodegradable materials and its vault removed.

This, as funeral directors on the Gold Coast would explain, is to allow the body to decompose. Why? Because the purpose of Natural Burials is to impact the earth as little as possible, eliminating the need for embalming fluids, methanol traces, formaldehyde solvents, and other harmful chemicals.

Our Natural Burial Services: Consulting Brisbane Funeral Directors

Our Gold Coast funeral directors have one goal: to connect each individual to the best service possible. This is why we now offer Natural Burials, helping families plan environmentally-friendly options for their loved ones. We provide:

Our funeral directors in Brisbane, Mackay, and beyond strive to create results that are both eco-friendly and reverent. We help each client arrange the service that best represents their loved ones.

Our Testimonials

NewHaven’s Brisbane funeral directors emphasise the need for healing. This is why they try always to provide their customers with the attention they deserve. To learn more about this personalised care, visit our Testimonials page.

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NewHaven Funerals understands the challenges of planning a Natural Burial. This is why we deliver key services to every client, simplifying the process and meeting all needs.

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