Newhaven Funerals Gold Coast Offers Various Funeral Services

No matter your loved one’s plans, Newhaven Funerals offers various Gold Coast funeral services. These funeral services can include all different types of farewell ceremonies, including Gold Coast ocean burials, as well as video slideshows and other unique funerals. No matter the way you want to say goodbye to your loved one, Newhaven Funerals Gold […]

Newhaven Funerals Has Funeral Homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Newhaven Funerals has funeral homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Newhaven Funerals’ reputation of excellence in funeral homes has existed since Newhaven Funerals first opened its doors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in 1979. Newhaven’s Brisbane and Gold Coast funeral homes are award-winning, and their attention to detail is second to none. Newhaven […]

Create an Event as Unique as Your Loved One. Contact Funeral Directors in Brisbane, Mackay, and Other Gold Coast Cities Today.

Funerals are more than lawn services and floral arrangements. They’re celebrations of lives well-lived – and your loved one deserves a memorial that’s as dynamic (and unforgettable) as he was. Newhaven Funerals provides such a memorial. Our team of Brisbane funeral directors, Mackay funeral directors, and Gold Coast funeral directors connects you to the personalised […]

Newhaven Funerals Gold Coast Cremation Services Offers Various Cremations

Newhaven Funerals offers cremations in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. These cremation services follow all regulations and ensure that your loved ones in the Gold Coast keep their dignity. These cremation services are usually complete within 72 hours. Newhaven Funerals Gold Coast cremations locations are available and open to the public to visit if […]

When Looking for Cremations in Brisbane, Look to Newhaven Funerals Cremation Services

Newhaven Funerals offers Cremations in Brisbane. These Brisbane cremations follow all Australian health requirements. Moreover, these Brisbane Cremation services are performed with the latest technology to ensure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Newhaven Funerals’ Brisbane Cremation Services Keep Your Loved One’s Dignity Newhaven Funerals’ cremation in Brisbane offerings include biodegradable urns, timber […]

Considering a Natural Burial? Consult With Funeral Directors in Brisbane, Mackay, or Other Gold Coast Regions.

Environmental awareness has spread far beyond carbon footprints and air quality concerns. It’s now found its place among funeral arrangements, with many individuals considering Natural Burials to mourn the passing of their loved ones. These options, which serve as counterparts to traditional cremations or lawn services, fuse every memorial with an eco-friendly sensibility. This makes […]