Mackay Crematorium Open Day 25th March 2017 10am – 2pm

You are invited to join the team at Newhaven Funerals at 218 Harbour Road, Mackay as they take you on a guided tour of their crematorium and funeral home and help you dispel all the myths surrounding funerals and cremation. Newhaven Crematorium is Mackay’s only crematorium, providing world class facilities including a beautiful air-conditioned chapel and condolence lounge, […]

Are Funerals Worth The Fuss?

Over recent years, the requests for unattended cremation has steadily increased. When pre-arranging their own cremation, many comment on how they do not wish to have a funeral to avoid “causing any fuss “and therefore arrange an unattended cremation. When the person who pre-arranged their own cremation passes away, it is often evident that they […]

Local Funeral Home helps with road safety message.

Road Safety Sign

Newhaven Funerals, a Queensland family owned funeral home has taken it upon themselves to send a message to road users to slow down. Company director Tim Connolly explains “the road toll in the state is on target to increase against last year’s figures and that is totally unacceptable”. He continues on saying “What a lot of people […]

How Children Grieve

How Children Grieve

Children of all ages will find the death of a family member hard to deal with and although everyone reacts individually, many children of similar ages react in similar ways. It’s important that parents are there to comfort, reassure and support children through their grieving process. If it seems that you and your child are […]

Embracing Your Grief

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Tears are healthy – believe it or not. The death of a close family friend or loved one is always an extremely difficult experience and the grieving process is different for everyone. Some may try to save themselves from heartache by shutting themselves off rather than dealing with their grief – a tactic that can […]

Meaningful Ways to Farewell a Loved One

Funeral Music

Saying farewell to a loved one is incredibly difficult, but the funeral itself doesn’t have to be a grim affair. Viewing a funeral ceremony as an opportunity to celebrate the life, loves and achievements of someone so close to your heart is preferable, as is finding positive ways to honour their memory. Play Their Favourite […]

Newhaven Funerals Gold Coast Offers Various Funeral Services

No matter your loved one’s plans, Newhaven Funerals offers various Gold Coast funeral services. These funeral services can include all different types of farewell ceremonies, including Gold Coast ocean burials, as well as video slideshows and other unique funerals. No matter the way you want to say goodbye to your loved one, Newhaven Funerals Gold […]

Newhaven Funerals Has Funeral Homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Newhaven Funerals has funeral homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Newhaven Funerals’ reputation of excellence in funeral homes has existed since Newhaven Funerals first opened its doors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in 1979. Newhaven’s Brisbane and Gold Coast funeral homes are award-winning, and their attention to detail is second to none. Newhaven […]