Unique Funeral Ideas


Funeral services can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. Over the years we have found that the most meaningful services were those that were most personal. There are many ways to add personal touches to funeral and memorial services, and our staff can arrange or assist with any of these:


  • Personalised Coffin Today there are many options for coffin selection. Click here to have a look at our entire range www.expressioncoffins.com.au

  • Memory Jewels Memory Jewels was released on to the market for those seeking a tender and everlasting gemstone memorial.

Memory Jewels

  • Farewell Fireworks is a unique company that organises a personal, night time, spectacular and dynamic Fireworks display to send your loved one (person or pet) to the stars with a ‘swoosh, a wow and a bang’.

Farewell Fireworks

  • Teddy Bear Urns and Bereavement Bears  Our aim is to create your bear unique and special for your loved one. We have a variety of fabrics you can choose from to have embroidered with your own special message.  You can have your loved ones name, dates and your own beautiful message embroidered on a fabric patch attached to the front of the bear (up to 10 words). Contact Us for more information

Teddy Bear Urn


  • Display Pictures or Canvas Prints. Display framed pictures at the service.


flower petals on water

  • Final Words Pre-Recorded Video

Final Words

  • Video/ Slideshow Tribute. Have a picture DVD created to play at the service. It can be set to favourite music or traditional hymns. www.memoirpresentations.com.au
  • Participation from Family & Friends. Ask friends or family members to participate in the service. They could read a favourite scripture passage, quote, or poem of your loved one. Another idea is to read something your loved one wrote that embodies who he or she was.
  • Musicians. Arrange for special musicians such as a bagpipe payer, harpist, pianist, violinist, organist, or vocalist.
  • Harley Davidson Hearse. www.harleyhearse.com.au
  • Military Honours. If your loved one served in the armed forces, arrange for military honours and present a military flag. Consider involving the RSL to participate in a Poppy ceremony.
  • Unique Processional. Plan a special route to the church, crematorium or cemetery (stop by an old home, school, or park). If your loved one was a fire-fighter, police officer or other type of serviceman or woman, have the funeral procession led by the respective vehicle.
  • Encourage Others to Share Memories. Have note cards at the visitation and/or service so people can write comments or share stories with your family. A popular idea is to have mourners use a permanent marker to write messages directly onto the coffin. (A white coffin works well here). For a child, pictures of their favourite cartoon characters pasted onto the coffin makes for a personal tribute.
  • Personalise the coffin. Encourage guests to write a personal note onto a plain white coffin at the funeral ceremony.
  • Dove or Butterfly release. www.butterflyreleases.com.au www.broadwingsevents.com.au
  • Parting Gifts. Provide parting gifts to those who come to the service. This could be your loved one’s favourite recipe, a packet of flower seeds to plant in his or her memory, or a personalized bookmark with your loved one’s picture and favourite quote or scripture passage. Personalised stubby coolers, coasters and other items can be arranged.
  • Symbolic Ceremony at the Cemetery. At the cemetery, arrange for a dove, butterfly, or balloon release. Placing flower petals into the water during scattering of ashes at sea.
  • Reception. After the services, have a reception and invite friends and relatives. This event could take place at the church, someone’s home, at a hotel, restaurant, or country club. During this time, share stories or fond memories of your loved one.

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Funeral services can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. Over the years...
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